Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Small Teaser For You

I know many people have been asking us, what does our CommFest 2010, Media Carnival have to offer?

Well, then this is your answer! So, read along to find out!

Allow LIFE to present you a tiny teaser for CommFest 2010, Media Carnival.

 AND these are The Crews that worked their butt of for ROADSHOWS and the upcoming MAIN EVENT!

On The Day, we will be having..

Body Art Stickers!

YES! we had that for our previous roadshow, so ladies, there is no need to worry, because we will ALSO be having it during our CommFest 2010, Media Carnival!


Get your nails done on The 29th October 2010, with professional manicurists! Remember how we had a manicure booth during our roadshows? We're doing it AGAIN during our CommFest 2010, Media Carnival! You girls, you do want your nails to be pretty and neat - don't you?

So, get your coupons ready and join us on the 29th of October 2010!

Yes, thats our pretty coupon, drew, cut and stamped manually by all our lovely and hardworking crew members!
Its ONLY rm10 per booklet


AND, thats us, cutting, stamping and shaping them manually.
 So don't waste our effort - come and support us!

Join us, to find out more and most importantly, COME AND ENJOY!
Just a tiny reminder,

Date : 29th October 2010

Time : 8.30 am - 3 pm

Venue : Taylors University Lakeside Campus

Saturday, October 23, 2010

CommFest Roadshows: Loads of FUN, FREEBIES & PRIZES !!

Hi guys! 
We're less than a week away from CommFest
Can you feel the excitement in the air? ;D

Throughout the October month, we've had 3 roadshows for CommFest (The sporting activities, MassColympics) on Taylor's Lakeside Campus.
We'll have our FINAL roadshow this coming  Wednesday on 27th October.
Same place, same time.

We've been seeing lots of new faces from the last 3 roadshows! :)

Were you there?

Signages for our roadshow.
Check out the prizes for Amazing Race & Fear Factor as seen on the signage!
Tempting much? ;)

The crowd already started piling up as we finished setting up our booth.

Spotted during every CommFest roadshow:
 our Mascot for CommFest (The sporting activities), Human Torch!

Wii Corner
We don't charge even a single cent for you to play the Wii! It's FREE!

As seen on TV: Tennis game. 
We have loads of choices for the games. Rest assured you'll get addicted to playing it!

Aside from Wii, we have another two games for the crowd to participate in during our roadshows. The catch? FREEBIES! 

Cinema Online Movie Premiums (Tshirt & Cap)
                     Braun Buffel Weapon Kit

Who doesn't love freebies? ;)

Game #1 Action Speaks Louder Than Words

We have a box in which there are at least 10 paper with written instruction on it.
What you need to to do is just do the instruction! It's like a dare challenge from the Truth or Dare game. 

This young man got the challenge to eat chilli padi! 

Game #2 Fear Factor Challenge
The name of the game itself is self-explanatory. 

Check out what we have for you.....


Another challenge in Fear Factor game.
It's bucket filled in with loads of FROZEN ICE and pebbles. To complete the challenge, you need to collect 3 lil blue stones within 30 seconds.

Seems pretty easy eh?
But we warn you, it's FREEZING COLD that your hand would get numb!

Feeling challenged now?

That's not all we have for our roadshow.

The best part is we're offering you PRIZES (yes, again!) through your participation for our Guessing Game.

How to participate?


1) You can purchase CommFest ticket at RM10


2)  Team up with your friends and sign up for 
Amazing Race (1 team: 4 paxs, reg.fee: RM80/team)
Fear Factor (1team:3paxs, reg.fee: RM60/team)
Click HERE for more details about Amazing Race & Fear Factor

and you'll be given a short form to fill to make a guess how many train tickets are there in this box...

YEAP. Most people who took a guess from the past roadshows went  
"OMG. That's A LOT of train tickets!"

But no worries, we're kindly giving you two clues to help you in winning this game.

Clue #1: There're less than 9000 tickets inside the box
Clue #2: The number of tickets is 4 digit.

Ain't we generous? :D

The closing entry of our Guessing Game is this coming Wednesday, during our final roadshow.
We'll be contacting the lucky winner who has the most accurate guess and he/she will attend the prize giving ceremony during CommFest (29.10.2010).
You're going to be on stage, photographed and congratulated by the crowd! :D

If you haven't seen your faces HERE, you're really missing loads of fun from our roadshow!

Make sure you come to our FINAL roadshow 
Wednesday, 27th October 2010
12 PM - 2PM
In front of Student Life Center, Taylor's Lakeside Campus

We look forward to seeing you guys! :)

Are You Ready For..


Date : 29th October 2010
Time : 8.30 am - 3 pm
Venue : Taylors University Lakeside Campus

ATTENTION, Commfest 2010 is coming in LESS than a week!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and get your couponsand purchase your favourite food and beverages, We have different 14 food and beverages vendors!

No coupons? No worries. You still have time, so come and get yours now from us OR get yours on the event day itself!

WE are also having a bazaar selling clothes, accessories, shoes, phone pouches and lots more! Wanna find out more? Then, get your wallet and purse ready for a massive shopping spree!

Don't you just love getting your photo taken? Well then, get your photos taken at our Polaroid booth, and NO, it wont just be you alone in the photo. So, attend our event to find out more!

Not to forget...

FEELosophy Dance Competition

Watch the teaser for..

Our top 10 talented finalist,
Soul'd In
The Hype
Living 7
Leslie Jok
Furious 5
Big Head Crew

Excited already? What are you waiting for then?! COME and JOIN us, watch our top 10 finalists, flaunting their moves on stage, LIVE!  
Vote for your favourite dancers, so they could win up to RM1800 and other goods as well!

Join us and have fun! We really hope to see you there!